Third top for my summer project 333 capsule wardrobe

I’ve been sewing to fill any gaps in my project 333 summer capsule wardrobe. This is my third top and for a bit of a change it is using stretchy material. I taught myself to sew knits before wovens. Even though people say they are difficult to sew I thought they were worth learning first because they would be more forgiving to wear and I could get away with making garments which were fairly simple using seams and no zips……initially I was really scared of learning zips!
I used Sew U Home Stretch to learn about sewing stretch materials (it also has patterns to try) initially. I recently got The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits: Professional Techniques for Beautiful Everyday Garments which is a brilliant in depth guide. I tend to use an overlocker for seams and then a twin stretch needle and walking foot for hems etc.
I used New Look pattern 6807

So this is it- I kept the neckline fairly low so it could be worn off the shoulder over a vest top and then I use a brooch pin if I want to make the neck line higher and wear it alone.

This photo shows the top with the wiggle skirt I made.

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