Sewing a Summer capsule wardrobe for project 333- skirt 1

Having realised I had gaps in my summer capsule wardrobe for project 333 I had decided to use makower quilting cotton fabrics to make some items to plug these gaps. So far I’ve posted my first pair of shorts and top. Today it is time for my first skirt.
Once again I wanted to try the pattern from my Sew Serendipity book.


I loved the top I made from this book and the skirt also has lots of potential. Once again there are different versions you can make and it is perfect for matching fabrics.

I made slight alterations to the embellishments- I added the flower embellishment. I made this by using spare medallion fabric (the bottom band of the skirt) and cutting out various size circles using the pattern as a guide. I then sewed them together in the middle, added a bead to the top and attached a brooch pin to the back. Attaching it to the skirt with a brooch pin means I can remove it when washing but I can also use it with other outfits in my capsule wardrobe.

Once again I found the book very easy to follow and found the instructions gave a more proffesional looking finish than many of the others I have tried (again it suggests top and edgestitching and I really liked the way this looks). There are several variations of the skirt which I look forward to trying.

This is the skirt with the top I made.

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