Trying something new- cake decorating

Good morning peeps,

This is the second project I did for the Creative Loops challenge. The theme is ‘new’ so this is a bit of a creative departure for me. I think this is the third cake I’ve tried to decorate in my life so I hunted around on Pinterest for some inspiration. I had spotted this cake when I was researching inspiration for the main challenge post

Original inspiration by Nathalie1970 on cake central

As usual I had a quick hunt round for ideas based on stars ecploding from a cake and popped them n a Pinterest board. Once I had decided on the style I wanted I found a couple of tutorials and gave the idea of stars exploding from a gift a go. A tutorial from gave me enough info to give it a go- minus the superman!

I made a fruit cake and covered it with marzipan.  I then added a layer of dark blue icing and a disc of teal icing on the top of that (only a couple of inches in diameter). I took a layer of white icing and randomly cut out 3 sizes of stars and set them aside to dry for a bit. I added the layer of white icing to the top- I really like the effect of seeing the blue through the cut out stars. I carefully cut a cross in the centre of the white icing and folded it back. I then cut a square of the teal icing into 4 and placed them into the folded area to give the impression of 2 layers of icing folded back. I measured, cut and added the teal ribbons (unfortunately one was slightly squiffy as I was a bit tired!). I cut 4 large stars from white icing and put them at the bottom of the ribbon base then I added some of the white stars I’d already cut out to the ribbons running across the cake (alternating 2 sizes). I put some teal sugar granules into the middle of the cake. I cut out some large stars and put them on bamboo skewers (I didn’t have time to go and get something more colour coordinated so I had to work with my stash). I then spent ages threading stars on wire and adding them to the explosion (in the middle I used longer wires with larger stars at the base through to the smallest at the top. Then I had lots of smaller wires with single stars- getting smaller as they moved out) I added a few left over stars to the sugar at the base. It took me ages but I was pleased with the result… tastes good as well 🙂

Creative loops exploding stars cake

That is my new technique in a new creative area- an exploding birthday gift! I’d like to enter the following challenges

Creative Loops- new

Decorate to celebrate- anything goes

Get Creative Challenges- something new

We Love To Create- anything creative/ mixed media goes

Craft for the Craic- January Blues



4 thoughts on “Trying something new- cake decorating

  • January 19, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    Wow Jellie, this is totally awesome! Well done you! Any attempts I have made at cake decorating have been pretty disastrous, but then I always say that none of my baking would win any beauty contests, but it does taste good lol!

    I am strugging with a barely present creative mojo at the moment, and feeling very tired with a lot going on, and still getting over the effects of last year, esp. chemo. I am hoping to pick up soon because I do want to get going in the studio again! Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you get going with the felt making


  • April 3, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks for your visit, Jellie and your kind words about me getting published! I am so glad you are enjoying Zentangle. It’s a while since I did any. It is very relaxing. One day I hope to be allowed to run an informal class at the cancer support centre at the hospital as it’s very beneficial for stress and helping people through illness. They don’t usually allow people to volunteer to work with patients until they have been clear themselves for two years so I’ve got a while to wait!!

    Shoshi x

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